Sphere offers its clients a membership scheme to even out the peaks and troughs in Health & Safety expenditure.

Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management is an award winning company, created to offer businesses in the area a cost-effective service provider.

We work with organisations to improve your year on year risk, environmental, health & safety management systems.

Our key goal is to offer the highest quality risk and safety advice, solutions and services – all within required budgets and timescales.

We are confident that our risk profile process will be able to improve all types of business sector, from high risk sectors such as Construction and Manufacturing/Engineering, to various R&D environments, through to low risk Office based & Admin sectors.

So instead our specialists become your advisors on risk, environment and safety management.

Stephen Smith MD with Ben Hunt-Davis, Gold medal winner Sydney Olympics

Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management Ltd (Sphere RHSM) are dedicated in providing their Clients with clear, realistic and responsible health and safety services and advice. SphereRHSM provides a full range of Health and Safety services based around packaged and bespoke products. SphereRHSM can provide a fully Outsourced Service usually leading on from one of our various Business Packages. Our Directors Package provides a bespoke service and is tailored solely to the Clients needs. Our main packages can be accessed via our Service Provision icon. Accidents and incidents do cause mayhem in the workplace with opur Clients having access to experienced and trusted systems speciofically built that helps to deal with Major Incident Support and the ensuing aftermath.

As with all knowledge based organisations many of our products can be split into various sectors such as Construction Safety, Event Safety and Fire Safety. We do have a specific safety skill set in Utility Arboriculture Safety and Behavioural Safety. This sector and specific knowledge pool enable our Clients to fully protect their business whilst protecting their employees.

As with specific knowledge pools services and products do evolve and we have developed specific products which helped our Clients to provide CDM Files / Operation & Maintenance Manuals for Construction developments. We also provide a Health & Safety Report Line (telephone) for finicky or sensitive developments.

To help our Clients we do provide a set time allowance for Pre-Qualification & Supplier Questionnaires along with other PQQ’s such as CHAS / SMAS, Constructionline, Safe Contractor and other PQQ formats. We can also provide our Clients with Environmental and Emergency Control Measures & Cost Savings advice.

Charities are an important to society and we have a specific package that allows a measured approach to the Charity sector. The Charities Health & Safety Package (CHaSP) has been developed with the aid of local charities to provide a charity focussed service

Our core values can be stated as:

Education, Support, Responsibility, Simple & Clear, Personality.

These core values ensure that we provide a service that is valued by our Clients.


Contact Us or ring 01733 286070 for more information, we are waiting to help you and your team.