How good health and safety management is smart business

In these times of economic uncertainty, businesses are looking for all kinds of ways to save money to keep that bottom line looking nice and healthy. Well, as all good employers understand the moral reasoning for good health and safety. As well as the moral reasons, it also makes good business sense to ensure your health and safety provision is up-to-scratch. Minimising risk can ultimately maximise the bottom line. We have outlined a few of the key ways health and safety can help save your business time and money. Keeps insurance premiums down It goes without saying that more accidents (more…)

Fire Safety this Summer

It’s summer time and we all love to be outdoors. Whether you are spending time with friends at a BBQ or rocking out at a festival the summer months can be a wonderful time. However, we often forget about the fire safety issues associated with this time of the year. It is important to remember that fire safety doesn’t stop when you leave the home or office. Last year over 50,000 fires occurred in refuse and rubbish containers and across England alone, 27000 fires were started on grass, heathland and moorland. Whether it’s tents catching on fire or Barbecue grills (more…)

How do I minimise the risk for employees working outdoors during summer?

During summer, the sun can pose a real challenge to both employees and employers. Sunburn, dehydration and heat stroke are all very real dangers to your workers. To ensure their safety, as well as ensuring that you stay on the right side of legislation, it is important that you minimise risk for your employees. You can do this by following this simple five step approach. Eliminate the risk – if at all possible, try to avoid having employees working in the sun. Reduce the risk – if step one is not possible, try to adjust shift patterns so that your workers are (more…)

Case Study – The Leprosy Mission

Peterborough based charity The Leprosy Mission is an international organisation that provides diagnosis, treatment and specialist care for those suffering from leprosy. The organisation wanted to ensure it was meeting its moral and legal duty of care to both its volunteers and permanent staff. However, realising this aim was a drain on the charity’s resources, they looked to Sphere RHSM for support to ensure its health and safety objectives could be achieved. While the organisation was looking for health and safety assistance, we were recommended as a suitable partner. We were delighted to be contacted by The Leprosy Mission and (more…)

Fines on the rise after introduction of tougher sentencing guidelines

The total sum for fines imposed for health and safety breaches in 2016-17 rose to £54 million compared to the £37 million paid out in 2015-16. The average fine a company can now expect to receive has also increased, trebling to almost £281,000 in 2016-17 up from just over £90,600 the year before. The inflated figures coincide with new sentencing guidelines introduced in February 2016. Judges are now able to impose unlimited fines on companies found in breach of health and safety regulations. Crucially, evidence of an accident is not required for a company to be found guilty – the (more…)

What First Aid do you need?

Do you know what you need for First Aid? If you have the right attitude and foresight many accidents can be prevented in the workplace but what if something goes wrong? What is your first port of call? Often, it is the first aid kit – a small but vital part of your health and safety at work that can save lives. Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 employers must provide adequate equipment and facilities to deal with an illness or accident immediately. To keep in line with the law it is best to undertake an assessment (more…)

What’s the most dangerous job?

Every job has potential dangers – from working in an office to delivering pizzas but some industries are much more dangerous. Using the latest data about work mortality rates from the Office of National Statistics we have been able to pull together a list of some of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. The data showed that 850 people died between 2010 – 2016 at work in the UK. From farming to lorry driving we have dug into the research to highlight the dangers behind the numbers. Farming Farming is the one of the most dangerous jobs in the (more…)

Mental Health! What Are Your Responsibilities?

Mental health in the workplace, what are your responsibilities? Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management Ltd have helped many companies better understand mental health in the workplace. There are many practical business advantages to providing the right mental health support for your employees. Looking after your staff and keeping them mentally fit and healthy will enable them to do their work and remove unwanted absences.  It’s also good business practice and will enhance your reputation and that of your business. Mental health at work – so what is this all about? Background Mental health awareness has never been so prominent, (more…)

A Spotlight on Our Staff.

This time it’s the turn of our newest junior consultant, Shahida Akhtar. This is one woman’s story of how she went from Admin Apprentice to Health and Safety Master in just 3 short years. Shahida was born in Peterborough in 1994 and excelled at school and left St John Fisher with A Levels in sociology, art, history and English literature. After school Shahida couldn’t wait to start work and found an opening as an admin apprentice at Sphere. Working for us, Shahida found that she really enjoyed the health and safety industry. It was something she had no prior experience (more…)

Stress Free SSIP

Kevin Hesom of BCF Gas Services had been working for his local council as a gas engineer for 20 years when suddenly he was told he would require accreditation from two separate SSIPs (safety systems in procurement). Failure to achieve accreditation would result in Kevin being unable to tender work as a gas engineer. Unsure what to do, a little panicked, Kevin rang Sphere for advice. We were able to offer guidance on protocol but it remained an uncertain time for Kevin. He was overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort he would need to dedicate to the SSIPs. (more…)