Event Safety

Event safety has moved since the noughties on with a focus on ensuring that everyone is engaged in providing a safe event, with adequately resourced stewards, security, emergency services and having specific contingency plans in place for mass issues including terrorism

You will be please to know that Sphere RHSM Ltd works closely with the event organiser to identify pragmatic and practical event safety needs, not going overboard, but placing emphasis on risk assessment and the respective events historical facts

We provide the following for each event and tweak the contingencies to suit the event risk:

  1. Major incidence plan for your event
  2. First aid risk assessment
  3. Various health and safety risk assessments specific to your event
  4. Contractor vetting prior to the event and contractor control whilst onsite
  5. Online cloudfile system for documentation
  6. Onsite training for your team eg banksman
  7. Onsite safety cover for the build up day, the event and the breakdown. (2 full days)
  8. Resolution of any safety issue with the venue, exhibitors and the public
  9. Compliance with the new CDM regs as required by the event industry
  10. Help producing and updating your exhibitor documents
  11. Crowd control and evaluation throughout the event

Case Study

Sphere was asked to help a well known event venue based in East Anglia by offering them advice and guidance to assess their Health and Safety compliance. This was particularly crucial at this moment as they had just built a 60,000 sq ft indoor event/exhibition facility.

Sphere was brought into the project as competent person, on an outsourcing basis, to become the venue’s competent Health and Safety advisors. The dimensions of the task made it an interesting job with the following key actions:

  • Major Incident plans for up to 30,000 people attending an event over one weekend were drawn up
  • An overview was provided for an evacuation and safety plan for a grandstand holding a maximum of 2,500 people
  • An evacuation plan for an indoor space that could hold up to 5,000 people for concerts was created
  • Provision of onsite management surveillance, observation, mentoring and support for the build up, event and breakdown
  • An overview of risk assessments and method statements for events involving the deployment, usage and layout of heavy plant and machinery
  • Provision of general and specific advice to all levels of site staff and management
    Sphere has worked with the venue for 12 months and the relationship between the local authority and the venue is at an all time high. Management of the many different events have become well controlled with each party fully aware of their own legal obligations, roles and responsibilities.

Our expert advice to the client has helped them reduce the “fear factor” of a major incident, allowing the Chief Executive to feel more comfortable with the wide range of events staged at the venue.

Another great success has been the way in which venue staff have responded to our training programme of Health and Safety awareness. This has also led to higher productivity being achieved by the team as some previously outsourced tasks have been dealt with in house. This includes First Aid, Fire Marshals, Traffic Marshals, etc.

Rear side of Audiences sitting and listening the speackers on the stage in low light conference hall, event and seminar concept

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