Case Study – The Leprosy Mission

Peterborough based charity The Leprosy Mission is an international organisation that provides diagnosis, treatment and specialist care for those suffering from leprosy.

The organisation wanted to ensure it was meeting its moral and legal duty of care to both its volunteers and permanent staff. However, realising this aim was a drain on the charity’s resources, they looked to Sphere RHSM for support to ensure its health and safety objectives could be achieved.

While the organisation was looking for health and safety assistance, we were recommended as a suitable partner. We were delighted to be contacted by The Leprosy Mission and listened carefully to the wants and needs of the charity.

We were immediately able to provide a considered and tailored service meeting the requirements of the client. The package we provided included two and a half day site visits per month as well as all relevant documentation. We know that health and safety can be complicated at times, so we were always on hand to answer any questions the organisation had.

With our health and safety support, The Leprosy Mission is able to meet its moral and legal duty of care to staff on an ongoing basis without losing focus on its core business.

“Sphere RHSM understands that Health and Safety is as much a moral duty as a legal requirement. In its hands, we are confident that our employees are given the best possible advice and Sphere RHSM is always on hand to answer any questions. Its commitment allows us to get on with our core business and we would recommend them to others looking for clear, concise and trusted health and safety support.” Gary Dransfield, Office Manager, The Leprosy Mission.

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