What’s the most dangerous job?

Every job has potential dangers – from working in an office to delivering pizzas but some industries are much more dangerous. Using the latest data about work mortality rates from the Office of National Statistics we have been able to pull together a list of some of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. The data showed that 850 people died between 2010 – 2016 at work in the UK. From farming to lorry driving we have dug into the research to highlight the dangers behind the numbers.

  1. Farming

Farming is the one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. Many of the fatalities are a result of numerous incidents including heavy machinery, exposure to adverse weather and dealing with large animals. Farmers can often find themselves working alone which means it can be hours before anyone knows they have been involved in an accident. Farming accidents are not always reported therefore some are missed which can result in fatalities.

  1. Construction

One of the most dangerous work environments is the construction site. Which can be anywhere including your own home. Everyday construction workers are exposed to dangers – whether it’s falling from a great height which accounts for over 50% of accidents or structures caving-in.

  1. Lorry Driver

Despite investment in vehicle tracking technology lorry driving continues to rank highly in terms of danger. According to the GMB workers union there are over 54,000 accidents on the UK roads each year which involve a work vehicle including lorries. The drivers work long hours and don’t always take regular breaks which can cause major accidents resulting in death or severe injury.

  1. Mechanic

Over 26% of all accidents in the workplace are associated with vehicles – including maintenance on them. There are many hazards in a vehicle workshop that pose a danger to a mechanic which include heavy machinery, cutting tools, hot oil and other vehicle liquids.

  1. Electrician

Working with live electrics is extremely dangerous and it is no surprise that this job has made it onto our list. An electrician could be injured or killed due to faulty wires, exposure to live electrical circuits or even explosions where sparks encounter flammable vapours. As electricians often work on buildings they must also be aware of the aforementioned dangers that can be found on a construction site.

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