What is a Health & Safety File / Building Manual?

Are you complying with the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015? Do you know your responsibilities?

A Health and Safety File (HSF) is required for all projects involving more than one contractor (as per the Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015). The law applies to the whole construction process on all construction projects, from concept to completion; and what each Dutyholders must or should do to comply with the law to ensure projects are carried out in a way that secures health and safety.

The Health and Safety file should contain the information needed to allow future construction work, including cleaning, maintenance, alterations refurbishment and demolition to be carried out safely. The scope, structure and format of the file should be agreed early between the client and the Principal Designer at the start of the project.

The Building Manual contains the information that is required for the operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of a building. The building manual is prepared by the contractor with additional information from the Structural Engineers, Suppliers / Sub-contractors and the Principal Designer. It is a requirement that is defined in the First Stages (or known as Preliminaries)   section of the tender documentation where its contents will be described, although there may be additional requirements regarding mechanical and electrical services in the M&E specification.

Do you have the know-how experience to produce an appropriate HSF/Building Manual?

So when you are required to produce HSF/Building Manual, have no fear simply because TEAM SPHERE are here! With over 15 years of producing HSF/Building Manuals (some files running over 23 volumes!) Vicky Woodward our GradIOSH Safety bod and her team of incredible safety minions have infinite experience in producing high quality manuals which exceed our client’s expectations.

Working closely with Construction firms and producing over hundreds HSF/Buildings Manuals, We pride ourselves on providing a custom-built service. We ensure the HSF/Building Manuals meet the CDM Regulations and the client’s requirements i.e. how they would like it to be presented, ensuring they can find what they need when they need it.

The best part of the production of HSF/Building Manual is that the price is dependent upon the risk, time taken, scope and size of the project. We take on the onerous task of gathering and compiling information from sub-contractors and suppliers and present it in the format required by your Client/Principal Designer, saving you valuable time at the end of a project. So it makes sense that you don’t delay to make an enquiry and receive the service you need.


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